What the Toys?

(The legs are from an anime mech I don't recall.)

This was an older drawing I did when I was working on a team with Kyle, Nate, and Sol. I think over lunch we had been talking about the ridiculousness of making toys out of cartoon characters that don't fit their personailities.

So here's Cybernetic Mech-Legged Superman. 2 Tons of hulking leg power!... that make it 100 times harder to fly.


  1. Hahaha, those are some nice gams!

  2. I'd say Full Metal Alchemist.

    Just as with the existence of all things wretched, cheap, and horrible - such as the Nazis, chemical weapons, or reality television - there were enough folks apparently voting "Ja" that a vacuum that otherwise would have remained mercifully vacant was filled. Thy toilet bowl runneth over.

    Though, the question at this point is: Does marketing create the demand, or does the demand create/influence the marketing.

  3. Seriously! Don't even get me started with Spider-Man's vehicles they try to push. Like he really wants to sit in rush hour traffic in the middle of manhattan in some webbed out hot rod or motorcycle. So dumb.

  4. Hello, I am studying Level 2 for Games development at South Essex College, so I am wondering if you have a minute to answer some questions:

    1, How long have you been a concept designer?
    2, Do you sketch with pencil first or design from a computer?
    3, What or who has been your inspiration?
    4, Do you practice everyday?
    5, Did you go to college to study illustration design?

    Thank you for your time.