Venom Bomb

My first storyboarding job was for Ultimate Spider-Man. I was lucky to work with a great team filled with people who were supportive of a green artist. This is a smattering of stuff from ACT 03 of an episode titled "Venom Bomb". These scenes jump around a bit, and many times, are missing scenes between each other.

I tried to draw like Kyle in this shot. He's amazing, and it was
easy to become influenced by his uber appealing shorthand.

You'll notice Norman Osborn was removed from the action in this
and the following scenes. Episode director Phil and I had a moment
toward the end where we tried to humanize Norman, as he would be
going from a series bad guy to a good guy in the following episode.
Ultimately in the version that aired, Norman is simply unconscious for ACT 03.

I remember liking the opportunity to play with fx on the lower shot.
Red FX are board, Blue are final animation.

I believe Dong Woo Animation did the animation production for this episode. It was a tough one, but they did a great job. Obviously all these characters and final images are copyright Marvel. They are shown here for educational purposes. This episode is for sale on iTunes and Amazon, and this and the rest of Seasons 1 and 2 of Ultimate Spider-Man are available on Netflix!

That's it for now. I'll have some sketches to post up soon.



Listening to The Greatest Generation by The Wonder Years on repeat all week.


Like the Thing...


... I am heavy handed and slow. Only I have no super powers.


All New?

Been enjoying Bendis and Immonen's All New X-Men... so much so that I got a subscription from Marvel. I haven't had a subscription to a comic book since I was in grade school and Madureira was doing the art for Uncanny X-Men. Kinda fun getting something in the mail again.


What the Toys?

(The legs are from an anime mech I don't recall.)

This was an older drawing I did when I was working on a team with Kyle, Nate, and Sol. I think over lunch we had been talking about the ridiculousness of making toys out of cartoon characters that don't fit their personailities.

So here's Cybernetic Mech-Legged Superman. 2 Tons of hulking leg power!... that make it 100 times harder to fly.


Batgirl Notepad


*EDIT: added my BatmanTag blog stuff. 


Drawing Club

My friends Adam and Sam are doing a weekly drawing challenge. This week we picked "Skeleton Patriot" as a prompt, and this is what I came up with. My wife pointed out that I should have used a bugle rather than a guitar.