Batman Unlimited


I had the good opportunity to finally do some storyboarding on a Batman animated project. Tons of great artists worked on this, and you should give it a look. Below are some boards I did getting to draw some of my favorite characters.

If you 're a Justice League fan, or have kids and want a family friendly Batman movie, go grab it on Amazon or iTunes.


Yep more...

... Barbara Gordon, again.


More Batgirl and Robin

An abandoned rough fan art.



Listening to The Greatest Generation by The Wonder Years on repeat all week.


Like the Thing...


... I am heavy handed and slow. Only I have no super powers.


All New?

Been enjoying Bendis and Immonen's All New X-Men... so much so that I got a subscription from Marvel. I haven't had a subscription to a comic book since I was in grade school and Madureira was doing the art for Uncanny X-Men. Kinda fun getting something in the mail again.


What the Toys?

(The legs are from an anime mech I don't recall.)

This was an older drawing I did when I was working on a team with Kyle, Nate, and Sol. I think over lunch we had been talking about the ridiculousness of making toys out of cartoon characters that don't fit their personailities.

So here's Cybernetic Mech-Legged Superman. 2 Tons of hulking leg power!... that make it 100 times harder to fly.


Batgirl Notepad


*EDIT: added my BatmanTag blog stuff. 


Drawing Club

My friends Adam and Sam are doing a weekly drawing challenge. This week we picked "Skeleton Patriot" as a prompt, and this is what I came up with. My wife pointed out that I should have used a bugle rather than a guitar.