More Batgirl and Robin

An abandoned rough fan art.



Listening to The Greatest Generation by The Wonder Years on repeat all week.


Like the Thing...


... I am heavy handed and slow. Only I have no super powers.


All New?

Been enjoying Bendis and Immonen's All New X-Men... so much so that I got a subscription from Marvel. I haven't had a subscription to a comic book since I was in grade school and Madureira was doing the art for Uncanny X-Men. Kinda fun getting something in the mail again.


What the Toys?

(The legs are from an anime mech I don't recall.)

This was an older drawing I did when I was working on a team with Kyle, Nate, and Sol. I think over lunch we had been talking about the ridiculousness of making toys out of cartoon characters that don't fit their personailities.

So here's Cybernetic Mech-Legged Superman. 2 Tons of hulking leg power!... that make it 100 times harder to fly.


Batgirl Notepad


*EDIT: added my BatmanTag blog stuff. 


Drawing Club

My friends Adam and Sam are doing a weekly drawing challenge. This week we picked "Skeleton Patriot" as a prompt, and this is what I came up with. My wife pointed out that I should have used a bugle rather than a guitar.